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chicagocomics's Journal

Comic Books in Chicagoland
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Wow. A community. Ok. Basically, I have created this community for a purpose...yes, that's right, a purpose.

Do you live in Chicago, or the greater Chicagoland area? Do you enjoy comic books and graphic novels? Do you WRITE comic books and/or graphic novels? Do you ILLUSTRATE comic books and/or graphic novels?

Well, *cheesy grin*, if you answered yes to one or more of these questions, than this community may be the place for you! Here, you can talk to your dead and blackened heart's content about comic books, graphic novels, authors, artists, and so on. You can promote your own work! Looking for someone to collaborate with? Well, perhaps this would be a good place to start!

This will only work, however, if you JOIN. Go ahead, do it! Hell, you don't even have to be from Chicago! Maybe you just really like the city. How can you not? With the pretty lake and the twinkling lights and the drunken sports fans and the delicious, delicious pizza. Plus, like, I heard on public radio that it's THEE happenin' place to be if you're a comic book artist, or something.


(I ask merely, when you join, that you make a post introducing yourself. I find that kind of thing conducive to discussion, and it'll help get the ball rolling and what have you.)

Brought to you by your lovely moderator, hellspoette. You should check out her comic series, whenever that gets officially started. *shifty eyes*